March 19th, 2015

An exciting winter shoot

By admin


Mid-Winter Outdoor Shoot

And so we arrived at our location at 6am on a cold and damp Thursday morning in the middle of winter, preparing to film our incredibly brave actor showering outdoors while half naked… under a sprinkler.

We knew exactly how we wanted our two day shoot to play out. After weeks of preparation through pre-production documents, storyboarding, script writing, scheduling, hiring some beautiful equipment and liaison with the client our only major obstacle was the weather. Thankfully Melbourne held out for us!

We captured some beautiful and hilarious footage for our newest project over the course of the two day shoot. The footage included ultra slow-mo footage capture in 280 fps at 4k, a great future-proof resolution. Saxall were also able to capture behind the scenes photos and videos on the day, resulting in some fantastic moments being captured. Check out the photos below for a behind the scenes look at this exciting shoot.